Crowdfunding – A New Mantra on the Horizon for Arts Funding

Whether you are an artist looking to sell your work or an art or antique collector looking to buy or sell a piece from your existing collection, YourArtBay can help make that process much simpler.


Using Arts Funding and Crowdfunding, YourArtBay can open up new opportunities to own, buy and sell precious art & antiques online UK.


Alternate Arts Funding?


Most artists need funding in order to continue to produce their work, this is a fact. Those artists just starting out have a particularly hard time but even established, well known artists can struggle to produce more work if they cannot sell what they have already produced.  Sadly, an increasing amount of incredibly talented artists go un-noticed because of a lack of funding.  Just selling one piece of their collection could be enough to allow these artists to continue their work but until then, they need to find alternative funding.


YourArtBay can provide that well needed alternate Arts funding by allowing artists to pitch their works on This pitching service also makes it easier for owners and collectors to sell their art or antiques to a ready to buy audience.


As a buyer you can either purchase art outright giving you full one hundred-percent ownership or if a piece is out of reach for your budget you can purchase individual shares, giving you joint ownership of a piece.


Example:  A piece valued at £60,000 may be offered with a minimum share price of £600. This would make 100 shares available. As a buyer, you could either buy one, two or more individual shares giving you a part ownership of the piece or you could buy all one hundred shares making you the sole owner.


Once all of the shares in any particular piece have been sold the ownership is transferred to the buyers and the sale proceeds will go directly to the artist.


Let’s face it, buying art can be an expensive hobby, often reserved for the rich and very wealthy, but here at YourArtBay we can make owning a piece of precious art accessible to everybody using this method of collective buying or ‘crowdfunding’


What is Crowdfunding?


It is basically reaching out to a ‘crowd’ of likeminded individuals with the intention of collaborating on a particular goal or objective.


Crowdfunding   has been used in various forms around the world for many years, from writing novels (James Patterson’s Airborne) or in the joint classification of stars and planets in galaxies (Galaxy Zoo). In the case of YourArtBay, that goal or objective is the raising of funds to collectively buy a piece of artwork. In the above example only the very wealthy could afford to purchase a piece of art valued at £60,000 outright but using Crowdfunding   up to one hundred people could contribute £600 each to the piece, giving them part ownership and potentially building long term capital growth.


“Crowdfunding is how the power of the many can be leveraged to accomplish feats that were once the responsibility of a specialized few.”


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About YourArtBay

YourArtBay YourArtBay connects sellers of art with a crowd of buyers who makes small funding for collective equity in artwork for both short and long term asset building opportunities. Unique Selling Point (USP) of YourArtBay: A. Buy & Sell shares in Art or Antiques B. The small-time buyer can now afford ‘a piece of the Art, Antiques asset building action’. Why We Started YourArtBay? To empower the common patrons (You) as an art collectors. You can hunt an Art & Antiques asset opportunity in a Bay filled with such treasures, hence the name “YourArtBay”. Purchasing art is the hottest trend prevailing worldwide and fast turning into a fine art in its own right.

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